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Indiana law requires owners of vessels that are operated, used, docked, or stored in Indiana to pay the boat excise tax.

  • Vessels subject to excise tax include motorboats registered in another state and operated on Indiana waters for more than 60 consecutive days or moored on the Indiana part of Lake Michigan for more than 180 days.
  • The amount of boat excise tax paid:
    • Is based on the value of the vessel when new and is reduced 10% each year up to a 50% reduction of the original amount.
    • Is a set fee for vessels that are stored in Indiana for 60 consecutive days or more in a boating year but are not used or docked in Indiana waters.
  • When you receive your certificate of registration, you also receive two excise tax decals.
  • Decals include the date of expiration. Only the current decals may be displayed.
  • The boat excise tax decals are valid for one year. Owners of registered vessels will be sent a renewal notice to their residence automatically.
  • If you lose or destroy your decals, you must apply to the BMV for duplicates and submit a processing fee.

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