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Several laws for water-skiing and tubing on the Ohio River differ from those of other Indiana waterways.

  • The operator of the towing vessel may either have an observer onboard or use a rearview mirror.
    • If an observer is used, he or she must be at least 12 years of age.
    • If a rearview mirror is used, the mirror must have at least a 160-degree-wide angle of vision and be mounted so that the operator can see the person being towed.
    • A mirror is not allowed if towing a kite. There must be an observer at least 12 years of age onboard.
  • The hours are extended to one (1) hour before sunrise to one (1) hour after sunset.
  • Anyone being towed on water skis, a surfboard, a kite, or similar device must wear a USCG–approved wearable PFD.

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