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Motorboat and personal watercraft (PWC) operators must meet the following requirements to operate a vessel in Indiana.

  • All motorboat and PWC operators must have a valid vehicle driver’s license to operate on all Indiana public waters.
  • Motorboat operators who are 15 years of age may operate a motorboat or PWC until they become a licensed driver only if they complete a boater education course approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and have on board an ID card issued by the Indiana BMV. A person who has never been licensed by the BMV must complete an approved boater education course successfully and have on board an ID issued by the Indiana BMV to operate a motorboat legally.
  • No one under 15 years of age may legally operate a motorboat greater than 10 horsepower or a PWC.
  • If you operate your motorboat recklessly while intoxicated or break the PWC laws, you could have points assessed against your vehicle driver’s license.
  • On Indiana boundary waters, Indiana residents are required to have a driver’s license. Non-residents are not required to have a license unless operating in an embayment, river, or stream in Indiana.
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