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Officer testing for sobriety

In Kansas, those convicted of OUI are subject to the following penalties.

  • The penalty for a first conviction of operating a vessel under the influence is imprisonment of no more than one year. A fine of $100 to $500 also may be added by the court. The penalty for a second or subsequent conviction is imprisonment of 90 days to one year and, at the court's discretion, a fine of $100 to $500.
  • A person under the age of 21 who submits to a breath or blood alcohol test and produces a test result of an alcohol concentration of 0.02% or greater but less than 0.08% will have their boating privileges suspended for 30 days. After a second occurrence, their boating privileges will be suspended for 90 days.
  • In addition to other penalties, any person convicted of an alcohol violation will be required to complete a boater safety education course satisfactorily before operating any vessel.
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