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Observer with orange flag watching persons being towed

Vessel operators towing a person(s) on water skis, aquaplanes, surfboards, inner tubes, or any similar devices have specific equipment and observer requirements.

  • Operators must have:
    • A wide-angle rearview mirror properly placed to provide a maximum view of the person or persons being towed or...
    • A second person at least 12 years old to act as an observer.
  • Vessels towing a person(s) on water skis or a similar device must carry on board a bright orange or red skier-down flag and display it whenever the towed person(s) is in the water preparing to be towed or waiting to be picked up by the towing vessel. The flag must be displayed so that it is visible from all directions.
  • PWC may not be used to tow a person on water skis, kneeboards, inflatable crafts, or any other device unless the PWC is designed to accommodate more than one person and that by doing so it does not exceed the PWC’s own capacity rating.
  • Although not required by Kansas law, it is recommended that anyone being towed behind a vessel wear a USCG–approved wearable PFD that is in good and serviceable condition.

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