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People swimming in the area designated for swimming; buoy says Swim Area.

Kansas law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Reckless or Negligent Operation is operating any vessel or manipulating any water skis or similar device in a manner that causes danger to any person, property, or wildlife. Examples of reckless or negligent operation include:

  • Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Entering a marked swimming or all-boats-prohibited area with a vessel
  • Operating a vessel in violation of restrictions given by buoys or signs marking an area
  • Failing to observe the navigation rules
  • Weaving through congested waterway traffic
  • Jumping the wake of another vessel too close to that vessel
  • Maneuvering such that you must swerve at the last possible moment to avoid a collision
  • Operating such that you collide with another vessel, object, or person
  • Chasing wildlife with your vessel

Improper Use is operating a vessel for purposes other than fishing or hunting in areas marked as fishing areas or hunting areas.

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