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Pyrotechnics are excellent distress signals. However, there is potential for injury and property damage if not handled properly. These devices produce a very hot flame, and the residue can cause burns and ignite flammable materials.

  • Pistol-launched and handheld parachute flares and meteors have many characteristics of a firearm and must be handled with caution. In some states, they are considered a firearm and are prohibited from use.
  • Pyrotechnic devices should be stored in a cool, dry, and prominently marked location.
  • If pyrotechnic VDSs are used, they must be dated. Expired VDSs may be carried on board, but a minimum of three unexpired VDSs must be carried in the vessel.
Pyrotechnic VDS: orange smoke handheld

Orange Smoke (Handheld): Day Signal

Pyrotechnic VDS: orange smoke floating

Orange Smoke (Floating): Day Signal

Pyrotechnic VDS: red meteor

Red Meteor: Day and Night Signal

Pyrotechnic VDS: red flare

Red Flare: Day and Night Signal

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