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Course Outline

You’ve completed the material of Unit 5 of the online boating safety course!

You should now:

  • Understand how to practice risk management while boating.
  • Understand the effects of boating stressors.
  • Understand how dehydration occurs and how to recognize and prevent it.
  • Understand the increased effects of alcohol on the water.
  • Be able to properly size a PFD for a wearer and check a PFD’s condition.
  • Be able to take the proper safety actions if a boat capsizes, is swamped, or runs aground.
  • Know how to avoid collisions.
  • Be able to respond properly to a fire emergency.
  • Be able to prevent and respond properly to cold water immersion.
  • Know how to prevent and be able to recognize the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Be able to obtain weather forecasts, recognize weather warnings, and know what to do if caught in severe weather.
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