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Inflatable PFDs provide buoyancy when their chambers are inflated. This happens when air or gas (usually CO2 from a cylinder) is discharged into the chamber or when the PFD is inflated by mouth.

Inflatable PFDs are available in three styles.

Manual (vest or suspender type)

Can be inflated manually by using a CO2 system or by mouth.

Manual inflatable PFD

Manual (pouch type)

Can be inflated by mouth or by pulling the ripcord or toggle that activates a CO2 gas inflation system.

Manual inflatable pouch PFD

Automatic (jacket type only)

Automatically inflates when immersed in water. This type also may be inflated manually by pulling a toggle or ripcord. It is not permitted for sailboarding or white-water activities or for persons on PWCs because frequent immersions will cause premature inflation.

Automatic inflatable PFD
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