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Pleasure craft operators may not hear sound signals or voices if the engine is not adequately muffled. According to the Small Vessel Regulations:

  • The exhaust of every pleasure craft that is equipped with a motor must be muffled effectively while operating within five nautical miles (9.26 km) of shore.
  • Your pleasure craft is exempt if:
    • It has an unmodified stock outboard engine or…
    • It was built before January 1, 1960, or…
    • It is being used in an official competition, or in formal training or final preparation for an official competition.

Engine Shut-Off Lines

The purpose of an engine shut-off line is to shut off the PWC’s engine if the operator falls off the PWC or is thrown from the proper operating position.

When operating a PWC, you must attach the engine shut-off line securely to your wrist, lifejacket, or PFD. This ensures that your PWC stays close if you fall overboard.

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