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So, nobody wants to have an accident, or a crash, with another boat while they’re out on the water. But, just in case something happens, you need to know what to do. So, we’re going to get all the down-low from Trooper Green.

Officer Green

If you are involved in a vessel crash when you’re boating, the main thing to remember is try to report it immediately. That’s the ideal situation. And it’s the duty of every operator of the vessel to render any first aid or assistance to the other parties involved. And in doing this, they also need to keep in mind the safety of their own vessel and the safety of their own passengers. Sometimes, if there’s no cell phone access or there’s no way to contact law enforcement, most accidents can be reported within five days. If there’s property damage of over $500 or injury involved, it needs to be ideally reported immediately. But, if there’s death or any injury involved, it needs to be reported within 48 hours.

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