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What do people need to know about waste?

Officer Green

Well, if they were just purchasing a new boat, first it would depend on what type of boat it is. If it’s a smaller boat, it may not have an MSD, or Marine Sanitation Device, on board. Some of the bigger boats, of course, are going to have toilet facilities on board, and they have to have an operational marine sanitation device. There’s different types of these: Types I, II, and III. Most of the boats are going to have a Type III, which is a basic holding tank or a portable toilet. And the main thing to remember on those is they need to be taken ashore and pumped out at a pump-out facility if it has a holding tank. If it has a portable toilet, it needs to be taken to a toilet facility and emptied. Obviously you wouldn’t want to empty any kind of waste into the lake. If you’re in a smaller vessel, anything that’s susceptible to tipping—a kayak, canoe, or a raft—you need to have your trash in a secure container. In case it does tip over, the trash won’t come out into the water. You cannot have a glass container on these vessels, these smaller vessels. Also, if you’re carrying a cooler with any kind of food or beverage in it in these smaller type vessels that could tip over, it needs to be secured so that if you do tip over, the food or beverage won’t come out of the vessel.


OK, awesome.

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