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California Pump-Out Sign

Signs like these are posted at pump-out stations in California.

If you have a recreational vessel with installed toilet facilities, it must have an operable marine sanitation device (MSD) on board.

There are three types of MSDs.

  • Types I and II MSDs are usually found on large vessels. Waste is treated with special chemicals to kill bacteria before the waste is discharged. Types I and II MSDs with Y valves that would direct the waste overboard must be secured so that the valve cannot be opened. This can be done by placing a lock or non-reusable seal on the Y valve or by taking the handle off the Y valve.
  • Type III MSDs provide no treatment and are either holding tanks or portable toilets. Collected waste should be taken ashore and disposed of in a pump-out station or onshore toilet.

Vessels 65 feet or less in length may use a Type I, II, or III MSD. Vessels more than 65 feet in length must install a Type II or III MSD.

All installed devices must be USCG certified.

MSD at pump-out station
Typical Marine Sanitation Device - Y valve must be closed - Drainage to pump-out station

No Discharge Areas

It is illegal to disconnect, bypass, or operate an MSD so as to discharge sewage on inland waters or on coastal waters anywhere within the three-mile U.S. territorial limit.

  • In designated No Discharge Areas:
    • No person may disconnect, bypass, or operate an MSD so as to potentially discharge sewage.
    • No person shall occupy or operate a vessel in which an MSD is installed unless the MSD is properly secured.
  • The No Discharge Areas in California are:
    • El Dorado County: Lake Tahoe
    • Los Angeles County: Avalon Bay Harbor
    • Marin County: Richardson Bay
    • Orange County: Dana Point Harbor, Huntington Harbor, Newport Bay (Upper and Lower), Sunset Bay
    • Placer County: Lake Tahoe
    • San Diego County: Mission Bay, Oceanside Harbor, San Diego Bay
    • Ventura County: Channel Islands Harbor
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