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California law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Teak Surfing (or Platform Dragging) is holding onto any portion of the exterior of the transom of a vessel (including the swim platform, swim deck, swim step, or swim ladder) for any amount of time while a motorized vessel is underway at any speed or the engine is idling.

Bodysurfing is swimming or floating on or in the wake directly behind a motorized vessel that is underway.

The Anthony Farr and Stacy Beckett Boating Safety Act of 2004 has been passed to aid in the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. The law does not apply to persons who are briefly on a swim platform, swim deck, swim step, or swim ladder:

  • While assisting with the docking or departure of the vessel or exiting or entering a vessel or…
  • While the vessel is engaged in law enforcement or emergency rescue activity.

All new and used motorized vessels that are sold in California must display two approved carbon monoxide poisoning warning stickers. One sticker must be placed in the interior of the vessel. The other sticker must be placed on the exterior of the stern or transom of the vessel.

Teak Surfing Warning Sign
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