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How can you help protect your favorite recreation against a devastating mussel infestation? Utah law requires you to decontaminate your boat and equipment after you exit the water and before you enter a new water recreation area. You should:

  • CLEAN all plants, fish, and/or mussels from your boat.
  • DRAIN all water from ballast, bilge, livewells, and motor of your boat.
  • DRY your boat and equipment completely when you arrive home. You should dry it for 7 days in the summer, 18 days in the spring/fall, 30 days in the winter, or 3 days in freezing temperatures. Instead of drying, you can use a professional washing service to apply scalding water (140°F) to wash your boat and trailer and to flush your motor, bilge, and livewells.
Hydrilla on boat
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