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Utah law states that these dangerous operating practices are illegal.

Improperly Riding on the Bow, Gunwales, or Transom is allowing passengers to ride on the bow decking, gunwales, transom, seatbacks, or motor cover of a motorized vessel while underway at greater than a "slow – wakeless (idle) speed," unless the vessel is at least 16 feet in length and equipped with adequate rails or other safeguards to prevent a person from falling overboard. Passengers may ride on the bow of a vessel, except on Lake Powell, if they straddle an upright support on the rail and do not block the operator’s view.

Overloading or Overpowering is loading or powering the vessel beyond the recommended load and power limits shown on the capacity plate installed by the vessel manufacturer.

Unsafe Condition is operating a vessel in a condition that causes danger to the occupants or others on the waterways. Law enforcement officers may prohibit the launching of the vessel or stop the vessel from operating if:

  • The vessel is overloaded.
  • There are insufficient personal flotation devices, fire extinguishers, backfire flame arrestors, ventilation, or navigation lights.
  • The vessel is unseaworthy.
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