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Flotation devices must be in good and serviceable condition. Flotation devices that are in poor condition are not approved to be worn while underway on Canadian waters. Discard and replace any flotation device that has a problem.

  • Frequently inspect flotation devices for:
    • Rips or tears
    • Discoloured or weakened material
    • Insecure straps, buckles, or zippers
    • Labels that are no longer readable
  • Check buoyancy regularly in shallow water or a swimming pool by lifting your feet to see how well you float while wearing your flotation device.
  • Never use your flotation device as a cushion while sitting or kneeling.
  • Do not use a flotation device as a fender for your pleasure craft.
  • Use only mild soap and water to clean it. Never dry clean it.
  • After they have been air dried, store flotation devices in a readily accessible area that is dry, well-ventilated, and out of direct sunlight.
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