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Here are the equipment requirements for sailboats and powerboats over 12 metres and up to 24 metres (39ʹ4ʺ to 78ʹ9ʺ) in length.

Personal Lifesaving Appliances

  • One lifejacket or PFD for each person on board
  • One buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres (49ʹ3ʺ) long
  • One lifebuoy that is:
    • Equipped with a self-igniting light or…
    • Attached to a buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres (49ʹ3ʺ) long
  • One reboarding device if the freeboard distance is over 0.5 metres (1ʹ8ʺ)

Vessel Safety Equipment

  • One anchor with at least 50 metres (164ʹ1ʺ) of cable, rope, or chain
  • A non-manual bilge pump and water level detection system

Fire-Fighting Equipment

  • One 10B:C fire extinguisher at each entrance to:
    • Any area where a fuel-burning oven, heater, or refrigerator is located and…
    • Any sleeping area and…
    • The machinery space
  • One axe
  • Two fire buckets with a capacity of at least 10 litres each

Visual Signals

Navigation Equipment

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