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Pleasure craft operators must make sure that their boats are equipped with the proper navigation lights and use the lights during these conditions:

  • When away from the dock between sunset and sunrise
  • During periods of restricted visibility such as fog or heavy rain

No other lights that may be mistaken for required navigation lights may be exhibited. Note: Blue flashing lights are restricted to use by law enforcement vessels and vessels engaged in search-and-rescue (SAR) operations only.

Your pleasure craft must meet the navigation light requirements given in the Collision Regulations.

  • Navigation light and shape requirements depend on the type and length of your boat and whether or not your boat is underway or at anchor.
  • Sailboats that have motors must meet the requirements for sailboats and powerboats.
For more detailed navigation light requirements than the following illustrations provide, see Rules 23, 25, and 30 in the Collision Regulations.
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