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These special-purpose buoys have orange symbols on white pillars, cans, or spars. They are used to:

  • Give directions and information.
  • Warn of hazards and obstructions.
  • Mark controlled areas.
  • Mark keep-out (closed) areas.

Information Buoys: Squares provide information such as places to find food, supplies, and repairs. They also give directions, distances, and other non-regulatory information.

Information buoys

Hazard Buoys: Diamonds warn of hazards such as rocks, shoals, or turbulent waters. Always proceed with caution and keep a safe distance. Never assume that every hazard will be marked by a buoy.

Hazard buoys

Control Buoys: Circles indicate a restricted boating area such as no wake, idle speed, speed limit, or wash restrictions. You must obey the restriction inside the circle.

Control buoys

Keep-Out Buoys: Crossed diamonds indicate areas where pleasure craft are prohibited such as dams and spillways.

Keep-out buoys
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