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Boat creating a wake

Improper Speed or Distance is not maintaining a proper speed or distance while operating a vessel. You must obey all posted regulatory speed signs. It is illegal to:

  • Operate at excessive speeds; that is, speeds that cause danger to others or their property or that do not allow the operator to bring the vessel to a stop safely within a clear distance ahead. You must reduce speed:
    • In areas where boating is concentrated
    • In areas where maneuvering room is restricted by narrow channels
    • During periods of restricted visibility
    • When your vision is obstructed by jetties, land, or other vessels
  • Operate a vessel at greater than “slow, no wake speed” if within 100 feet of:
    • Another vessel
    • Any shoreline where “Slow-No Wake” signs have been erected by the Department
    • Floats, docks, or boat launching ramps
    • Marked swimming areas and persons in the water
    • Anchored, moored, or drifting vessels
  • Fail to give way to the stand-on vessel.
  • Cause damage or injury from the wake of your vessel. Reduce speed when near marinas, fishing areas, swimming areas, and vessels at anchor.

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