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Two people cleaning up the water and collecting trash

While the effect of a single vessel on our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters may seem insignificant, multiply that impact by the millions of vessels on the waterways today. To preserve and protect the waters, wildlife, and aquatic vegetation enjoyed while boating, each person must be responsible.

Keep waterways clean and disease-free by disposing of waste properly.

  • If your vessel is equipped with an installed toilet (marine sanitation device), make sure no sewage is discharged into the water. Empty the holding tanks only into pump-out stations.
  • Don’t throw any litter overboard. Bring all trash back on shore to dispose of properly. Be sure to retrieve anything that blows overboard.
  • Fishing lines and plastics are deadly for fish and fowl and should never be discarded in the water or near shore.
  • Plastic six-pack holders can trap or strangle birds, fish, and other wildlife. Always properly dispose of these on land by snipping each circle of the holders with scissors.
  • Remember, if you have room to take it, you have room to bring it back!
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