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This Online Study Guide has been approved by Transport Canada strictly on the basis that it meets the requirements of the Standard for Pleasure Craft Operator Card Testing over the Internet (TP 15080E) and the Boating Safety Course and Test Syllabus (TP 14932E). This approval does not represent confirmation of authorship by the course provider. Feel free to look around, but you’ll need to register to begin progress toward getting your Pleasure Craft Operator Card

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You’ve completed the material in Unit 3 of the online boating safety course!

You should now:

  • Know which boats need a pleasure craft licence and how to get a licence.
  • Be able to place the licence number on a pleasure craft correctly.
  • Know where to find the Hull Serial Number (HIN).
  • Know the age restrictions on operation.
  • Know which operators must have proof of competency.
  • Be able to list the unlawful behaviours that should be avoided when operating a pleasure craft.
  • Be able to explain the dangers of consuming alcohol or drugs while boating and the penalties for doing so.
  • Understand the legal requirements specific to PWCs.
  • Know the legal requirements for skiing or diving with a pleasure craft.
  • Understand how to properly dispose of waste, oil, and trash and properly use MSDs.
  • Know how to prevent spreading invasive species.
  • Know when and how to report a boating accident.