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Enforcement officers and inspectors may inspect a pleasure craft to ensure that it meets Transport Canada’s regulations and requirements.

An enforcement officer can be any of the following:

  • A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • A member of any harbour or river police force
  • A member of any provincial, county, or municipal police force
  • Any person the Minister of Transport designates as an enforcement officer

Officers and inspectors may:

  • Stop or board the pleasure craft at any reasonable time.
  • Direct any person to operate or stop operating any machinery or equipment on the craft.
  • Direct that an inspection must be completed before the craft can be moved.
  • Direct any person to move the craft to a safe place if the officer or inspector has reason to believe that the craft does not meet Transport Canada’s regulations and requirements or exposes any person to serious danger. The officer or inspector also may direct that the craft not be operated until it meets those requirements or no longer exposes any person to serious danger.

The owner or person in charge of a pleasure craft and every person on board must:

  • Enable an officer or inspector to carry out an inspection.
  • Provide any documents and information that the officer or inspector may require as part of an inspection.

Information on pleasure craft inspections is found in the Small Vessel Regulations, Part 10.