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Course Outline

Place the canoe in the water with its stern touching the bank.

  • With one paddler:
    • Hold onto the gunwales on both sides of the stern.
    • Place one foot in the boat.
    • Push away from shore with the other foot.
    • Climb aboard as the boat slides out into the water.
    • Walk down the boat’s centerline to your seat. Keep your center of gravity low as you walk, and continue to hold onto the gunwales.
  • With two paddlers:
    • The stern paddler steadies the boat by holding the stern between his or her legs.
    • The bow paddler steps into the boat, walks down the middle of the boat, and sits on the bow seat. Be sure to hold onto the gunwales.
    • The stern paddler holds onto the gunwales, places one foot in the boat, pushes away from shore with the other foot, and climbs aboard.
Person boarding a canoe from shore
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