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Transcript for Transporting Paddllecraft

Rob: Here’s a quick how-to for getting your boats and paddleboards secured and ready to transport on top of your vehicle.

First, use a rack designed for your boat or board. Sometimes, just your luggage racks are not enough. Most of the time flipping your boat or board upside down and sliding it on bow in front will work best. If you’re worried about scratching the vehicle, use carpet or a towel.

For a canoe or kayak, attach tie-downs around the rack. Pull them across the boat to the other side of the rack. A couple of straps is usually ideal; but more can help, especially with longer boats. Then use another tie-down to attach the bow to the front bumper. And one from the stern to the rear bumper. And always tie your boat evenly in a truck bed.

For paddleboards, it’s basically the same. Mount it fin side up, fin in the front, two straps across the board tied to the rack, then a strap from the leash cup to the bumper.

And don’t make rookie mistakes. Use straps and not bungees. These things are the best. And re-tighten periodically if you’re driving long distances.

Safe and secure. Too easy.

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