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Video Transcript

Transcript for Intro to Paddling

Haley: Oh, hey! We’re just about to head out for a morning paddle.

Rob: Oh. Hold on there, Partner. Are you new to all this?

The person behind the camera nods.

Rob: I see. Well, we’re not going to take you out here on your first time. But don’t worry. We’ll get you set up with everything you need to know so that you’re safely paddling in no time.

Haley: In the U.S., there are 202 million paddlesport outings a year. There are no federal age or education restrictions for who can paddle. So check your state’s boating agency. It’s up to you to consider the age and skill level of fellow paddlers.

Rob: And why do we do it?

Haley: Well, isn’t it obvious?

Rob: Paddling is fun. It’s an immersive way to explore all kinds of natural places. Seeing familiar places in new ways and exploring places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. Plus, it’s a great way to get your body moving and your heart pumping.

Haley: Today we’re going out in kayaks, but there are all kinds of paddlecraft. Take a look.

Basic Types of Paddlecraft

Haley: The basic types of canoes and kayaks are white-water, recreational, and touring.

White-water boats are really maneuverable boats. Experienced paddlers can use them to run rapids, cross currents, and go over waterfalls.

Recreational boats tend to be more stable, and they’re great for beginners on calmer waters.

Touring boats are built long and narrow for faster paddling. They’re good on lakes, open waters, and traveling longer distances on a river or coastline.

[Man yelling with excitement]

Rob: There’s also different kinds of stand-up paddleboards or SUPs.

Most people begin with an all-around board because they’re super stable.

Surfing or white-water boards are great for catching and ripping waves. The trade-off is that they’re slower on flat water.

Touring boards. They’re built for speed and distance. Great for a day of smooth and leisurely paddling.

The person behind the camera picks up a paddle.

Rob: Ahh. You like that, do you?

Yeah. These are our new carbon-fiber blades. Adjustable ferrule. This one is specifically designed for sea kayaking. I got it designed for a low-angle catch and then we got to…

The person behind the camera begins to walk away.

Rob: Whoa! Hold on! I don’t want to lose you.

Look. There are lots of different kinds of paddles and finding the right one for your discipline is easy when you know the basics.

Each discipline has a different kind of paddle. Here are canoe paddles, kayak paddles, and SUP paddles.

Haley: So, what do you think? Are you itching to try this out?

The person behind the camera nods.

Rob: Yeah. You’re going to get hooked in no time.

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