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Course Outline

  • Move the kayak until it is parallel to the shoreline in at least ankle-deep water.
  • Place the paddle across the boat at the back of the cockpit. Extend the paddle out farther on the side facing the shore.
  • Push your upper body out of the cockpit, and sit on the deck and the paddle behind the cockpit.
  • Put both hands behind you.
    • With the hand farthest from shore, hold onto both the back of the coaming and the paddle. You may need to sit up a little to grab the coaming.
    • With the other hand, hold the paddle just beyond the boat’s side.
  • Lean the kayak toward the shore until the paddle blade sits firmly against the bottom of the body of water.
  • Swing your legs out of the cockpit and over the side of the boat. The paddle blade pressing against the ground provides support and stability.
  • Slide your body off the boat and into the shallow water.
  • Note: On a sandy shoreline, you may want to speed up and beach the boat. Then you can exit easily.
Exiting a kayak on shore
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