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After exiting your boat at a shore or dock, take steps to prevent the unmanned boat from drifting away.

  • On a smooth, sandy shore, pull the boat up until it is completely out of the water. In high winds, you may want to tie both the bow and the stern to a heavy object such as a tree.
  • On a rocky shore, lift the boat completely out of the water and carry it to a secure location. If you must drag the boat over rocks, drag it the shortest distance possible to get it out of the water.
  • At a dock, tie both the bow and the stern to the dock.
    • Secure the boat close enough to the dock to prevent waves from pushing it back and forth into the dock.
    • Adjust the bow and stern lines to hold the boat parallel to the dock.
    • Place cushioning material at the contact points between the boat and the dock to prevent scraping.
    • Note: You may want to lift the boat out of the water and set it on the dock. In high winds, be sure to tie the boat down so that it can’t blow back into the water, possibly swamping or capsizing it.
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