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Transcript for Loading Your Boat

Haley: Let’s talk loading.

Loading Your Boat

Haley: As we load the boat, we’re trying to make it well-balanced and well-trimmed. That means balanced from front to back and side to side. You know, so you don’t tip over and swamp.

Load while the boat is in the water, so you can see how it is affected by adding each item. In general, load lighter gear toward the ends: here and here. It’s a good idea to fill empty space with inflatable bags just to keep things in place and add buoyancy in case you swamp.

Heavier items. Put down lower toward the centerline.

It’s tempting to latch lots of items on top of the boat. But that raises the boat’s center of gravity, making it less stable.

Leave yourself plenty of leg room, so you can get out if you flip.

And remember, don’t pack anything between your legs. Dangerous and uncomfortable.

Secure all loose items in the boat. It avoids balance changes and annoyances while paddling.

Well-trimmed and ready to rock! And not roll. laughs Get it?

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