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Leashes are an important piece of gear for paddleboarders, especially beginners. If you fall off your board, the leash can keep your paddleboard from floating away or hitting another person in the water.

  • Various types and lengths of leashes are available.
    • Leashes can be straight, coiled, or a combination of straight and coiled.
      • A coiled leash is recommended for flat-water paddling. The coils help keep the leash from dragging in the water.
      • A straight or combination leash is more suitable for paddling in surf.
    • Leashes can be from 6 to 12 feet long. The length you need depends on the length of your board and whether you are paddling in flat water or surf.
  • To use a leash:
    • Fasten the cuff around your ankle or calf. In a river, attach the leash to your life jacket with a quick-release mechanism.
    • Attach the other end to the leash cup on the paddleboard.
  • In whitewater or other moving water, you might get tangled in a leash. Therefore, you should not wear a leash in these situations unless you have received specialized training.
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