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All-Around Boards:
  • Are designed for all types of water conditions ranging from flat-water lakes to surf.
  • Provide good stability.
  • Make a good choice for beginners.
Surfing (White-Water) Boards:
  • Are shorter boards that are designed to be more maneuverable on surf but are more difficult to paddle than all-around boards.
  • Have a narrower nose to make it easier to catch waves and more curve (rocker) to make them turn more quickly.
  • Move slower and don’t track well on flat-water surfaces and also are less stable.
Touring Boards:
  • Are designed for leisurely paddling on flat-water rivers, lakes, and open water.
  • Are longer than all-around boards, increasing speed.
  • Have a pointed nose, making them easier to paddle for long distances.
All-around paddleboard

All-Around Paddleboard

Surfing paddleboard

Surfing (White-Water) Paddleboard

Touring paddleboard

Touring Paddleboard

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