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Paddlecraft are available in different styles designed for different types of paddling. The various characteristics of paddlecraft affect their speed, maneuverability, and stability.

Paddlecraft come in several basic types depending on the type of outing you are planning and the waterway where you will be paddling. Here are the basic types of canoes and kayaks.

White-Water Paddlecraft:
  • Are designed for running white-water rapids and crossing currents. They are shorter boats.
  • Have rockered hulls to provide extra maneuverability and help keep water out of the boat.
Recreational Paddlecraft:
  • Are designed for leisurely day trips on calm rivers, lakes, and open water.
  • Provide good stability and maneuverability.
  • Make a good choice for beginners.
Touring Paddlecraft:
  • Are designed for water conditions ranging from calm lakes to moderate whitewater or sheltered coastlines.
  • Are longer and narrower than typical recreational paddlecraft, increasing speed and paddling efficiency.
  • Provide less initial stability but give greater secondary stability when you are underway.
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