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Course Outline

Place the paddleboard in the water parallel to the dock.

To mount the board in the kneeling position:

  • Kneel on the dock next to the board.
  • Place the paddle across the deck of the board.
  • Hold onto the board’s rails.
  • Move your knees onto the board just behind the board’s hand well.
  • Push off from the dock.
  • Paddle on your knees until you are comfortable on the board and are away from the dock.
  • Stand up on the paddleboard using the method that works best for you.

To mount the board in the standing position:

  • Sit on the dock next to the board. One hand should be on the dock, and the other one should be holding the paddle.
  • Put your feet on the board behind the board’s hand well and where they will be while you are paddling.
  • Put the blade of the paddle in front of your feet and toward the middle of the board. The grip should point toward the sky.
  • Using your hand on the dock, push yourself up until you are standing on the board. Use the paddle to help you balance.
  • Paddle away from the dock.
Mounting a stand-up paddleboard from a dock
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