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To mount a canoe or kayak on a cartop rack:

  • Lift your boat, and place its bow on the back of the rack or on the carpet draped down the back of the vehicle.
  • Lift the stern, and push the boat forward until it is positioned properly on the rack.
  • Fasten the boat securely to the rack and the vehicle in at least three, preferably four, places.
    • Attach a strap to one side of the rack. Pull the strap across the boat, and secure it to the other side of the rack. For longer boats, attach a strap across both ends of the boat.
    • Attach a strap to the bow of the boat and the front bumper of the vehicle.
    • Attach a strap to the boat’s stern and the vehicle’s rear bumper.
Mounting a canoe on a cartop rack
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